Saturday, November 28, 2009

Taiden at 21 months...

Taiden is now 22 months so here is the 21 month sidebar as once again I don't want to forget!
  • Taiden at 21 months
  • Can name almost all of his cousins because their pics are on the fridge next to his highchair..
  • Has to give the dog a hug and kiss before bed.
  • HAS to have daddy put him to bed at night. Door mommy door.. (meaning GET OUT MOM)
  • Has to have thirteen hundred thousand books read to him each night.
  • Has to hug or kiss me if Devan does. He even has to hold my hand.
  • Is a total boy. How do they just know how to be destructive?
  • Is actually pretty polite.. haha
  • Is almost as obsessed with shirts as he is with jackets.
  • Is anal like his mom when it comes to where his toys go..
  • Is obsessed with Jackets.
  • Is still the light of my life.
  • Is talking more and more everyday. He always surprises me with new words.
  • Likes to be Nekkie.
  • Likes to clean up... And it's awesome..
  • Likes to put his pants on.
  • Likes to take his pants off.
  • Loves to brush his teeth.
  • LOVES to dance. Even with no music.
  • Loves to wash his hands.
  • Put his hands on his knees bends down and says PEEESE!
  • Sometimes asks to use the potty.. And actually goes...
  • Still closes all drawers and doors.
  • Still has only 8 teeth on the bottom and the top.
  • Still loves cheese.
  • Will one day wonder where his 21 month letter is.. OOPS!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Taiden at 20 months

I just wanted to post this sidebar as it's changing today and I don't want to ever forget!

Taiden at 20 months

  • Can FINALLY 'say' sorry.
  • Can open doors.
  • Can take his pants off and put them back on (twisted haha)
  • Cleans up his toys
  • Climbs in the tub
  • Fake laughs.
  • Goes pee pee on the potty at least once a day.
  • Has 8 teeth on the top and 8 on the bottom
  • Has to close every drawer or door that is open
  • HAS to walk down the stairs ALONE most of the time
  • Is more attached to mommy than EVER.
  • Likes to open the closet to get books (he even puts them back when he's done.)
  • Likes to share food
  • Likes to tickle people and say tikdle tikdle!
  • LOVES cheese
  • Loves to look at himself
  • Now runs around screaming no and poking people.
  • Repeats everything.
  • Says something new everyday.
  • Sleeps great in his toddler bed
  • Sometimes ASKS to take a nap.
  • Throws everything
  • Throws Tantrums like no other
  • Will randomly still sign sometimes.
  • Will smack his bum if you tell him too


We JUST got done raking up the BILLIONS of leaves from our front and back yards when what do ya know.. It snows! And just so you know we just got out of the car and the garage was open so Taiden took off outside.. He did have gloves on but he took them off as soon as we got IN the car lol..

Is that cold Dev? 
Taiden was pretty hesitant.. 
It didn't take long for him to warm up to it...


Okay so here are a BUNCH of random pictures from the past few months...

Taiden eating the frosting...
Jayda being cute..

Jaliyah like Taiden eating the frosting.. 
Dev being a dork at Dee's..
These are from our little trip to the Living Planet Aquarium a few weeks ago... Or was that last week.. IDK haha
Jelly fish.. 
Taiden is mesmerized  
Casey and her adorable daughter Gabby! I love them!