Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Houston we have a walker... and piggies

So it looks like we have a walker! Just over the weekend Khari started to take 1-2 steps.. Two days ago we were bribing her for 3-4 now she'll walk across the room bribed still, but she can do it. She falls in this video, but as the other videos I took were really long I decided to post this one. She will also take steps to seemingly nothing. I'm assuming this is just to prove she can do it! TK started his walking journey at a little over 9.5 months so I'm not surprised she is walking at this age I'm just surprised at how fast she is catching on! My girl is so silly. When she stands up she claps and wants us to clap with her (she is the princess so of course we do) and she is SOOO excited to be walking!

Another thing about this girl.. She is a CLIMBER. TK never climbed on anything as a baby besides the stairs.. Khari climbs on the stairs, TK's bed, Felecia's bed, the couch the fireplace, her walker.. Everything really! I'll have to take some pics to post..
I can also put little piggies in her hair! Her hair is pretty long on top, but it's so curly you can't really tell unless I pull it straight.. These are the 2 piggy styles I can do right now..
piggies connected to piggies..

Simple piggies