Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quickity quick

Quick post, great news!
We're expecting! I'm due June 24th and we find out the sex hopefully January 7th which is our 5 year anniversary... Xmas was great and I'll post pictures later, but it's 12 am and I don't even know what I'm doing up right now!

Monday, December 7, 2009

December Already?!?

I can't believe it's December already! It feels like just yesterday we were going Trick-or-Treating! It has snowed again here in Utah which is not a surprise at all, but I still hate it. It's cold and cold and mostly it's COLD! Driving in it sucks, but playing in it is fun.. Taiden hasn't really gotten to explore the snow much yet as I still haven't gotten him any snow boots! I haven't been able to find any I like because they forget about the boys and make all the cute stuff for girls! BOO. We put our tree up Thanksgiving day and although it's been fine the past THREE years.. This year it was too bare for Devan (only cause my mom said so first!), so we threw some ribbon on it haha. Chip made me a ribbon for a wreath I'm making, but in the end I just threw that on the tree too.. Looks kinda weird, but oh well!

Devan got a little clicker that we can turn on the tree, nativity scene and Santa Clause thing with and I really think it's the highlight of Taiden's day to turn them on at night! He makes sure they are all on and points at them and yells Yay!!!

Taiden has somehow learned to count to 10... We weren't trying to teach him at all.... One day I woke up to him going eight... nine.. ten.. yay! We do have a book that we read that counts to ten so I'm assuming that's where he picked it up. He can count all the way to ten all by himself.. YAY TAIDEN! (what he says when he's done) He can also say his alphabet up to I then if you say J he'll continue to M... This kid picks up EVERYTHING... Including the word shut up... I guess we weren't watching what we say as well as we thought because yesterday at church he told my brother and sister SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! We couldn't help but to laugh, but I have warned them they need to watch it! (And myself of course I can't place all the blame on them!) 

Another thing Taiden has picked up is WHY. Taiden let's go to bed... WHY?!? Because it's night night time.. WHY?!?  Because you need to sleep... WHY?!? Because I said... OKAY!!! So now I just say because I said for almost everything.. It's the quickest way to get him to stop asking WHY?!? The down side is that if I ask him why he did something he now says... you guessed it... CAUSE!!! Oh boy... He's not even two yet... We are in for it this next year that is for sure!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Taiden at 21 months...

Taiden is now 22 months so here is the 21 month sidebar as once again I don't want to forget!
  • Taiden at 21 months
  • Can name almost all of his cousins because their pics are on the fridge next to his highchair..
  • Has to give the dog a hug and kiss before bed.
  • HAS to have daddy put him to bed at night. Door mommy door.. (meaning GET OUT MOM)
  • Has to have thirteen hundred thousand books read to him each night.
  • Has to hug or kiss me if Devan does. He even has to hold my hand.
  • Is a total boy. How do they just know how to be destructive?
  • Is actually pretty polite.. haha
  • Is almost as obsessed with shirts as he is with jackets.
  • Is anal like his mom when it comes to where his toys go..
  • Is obsessed with Jackets.
  • Is still the light of my life.
  • Is talking more and more everyday. He always surprises me with new words.
  • Likes to be Nekkie.
  • Likes to clean up... And it's awesome..
  • Likes to put his pants on.
  • Likes to take his pants off.
  • Loves to brush his teeth.
  • LOVES to dance. Even with no music.
  • Loves to wash his hands.
  • Put his hands on his knees bends down and says PEEESE!
  • Sometimes asks to use the potty.. And actually goes...
  • Still closes all drawers and doors.
  • Still has only 8 teeth on the bottom and the top.
  • Still loves cheese.
  • Will one day wonder where his 21 month letter is.. OOPS!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Taiden at 20 months

I just wanted to post this sidebar as it's changing today and I don't want to ever forget!

Taiden at 20 months

  • Can FINALLY 'say' sorry.
  • Can open doors.
  • Can take his pants off and put them back on (twisted haha)
  • Cleans up his toys
  • Climbs in the tub
  • Fake laughs.
  • Goes pee pee on the potty at least once a day.
  • Has 8 teeth on the top and 8 on the bottom
  • Has to close every drawer or door that is open
  • HAS to walk down the stairs ALONE most of the time
  • Is more attached to mommy than EVER.
  • Likes to open the closet to get books (he even puts them back when he's done.)
  • Likes to share food
  • Likes to tickle people and say tikdle tikdle!
  • LOVES cheese
  • Loves to look at himself
  • Now runs around screaming no and poking people.
  • Repeats everything.
  • Says something new everyday.
  • Sleeps great in his toddler bed
  • Sometimes ASKS to take a nap.
  • Throws everything
  • Throws Tantrums like no other
  • Will randomly still sign sometimes.
  • Will smack his bum if you tell him too


We JUST got done raking up the BILLIONS of leaves from our front and back yards when what do ya know.. It snows! And just so you know we just got out of the car and the garage was open so Taiden took off outside.. He did have gloves on but he took them off as soon as we got IN the car lol..

Is that cold Dev? 
Taiden was pretty hesitant.. 
It didn't take long for him to warm up to it...


Okay so here are a BUNCH of random pictures from the past few months...

Taiden eating the frosting...
Jayda being cute..

Jaliyah like Taiden eating the frosting.. 
Dev being a dork at Dee's..
These are from our little trip to the Living Planet Aquarium a few weeks ago... Or was that last week.. IDK haha
Jelly fish.. 
Taiden is mesmerized  
Casey and her adorable daughter Gabby! I love them!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New background.. AGAIN

I couldn't stand the other background even though I love being able to personalize the header myself. Then I remembered the site I used to get my backgrounds from... So I jumped over there.. I found something that wasn't so pink... so here it is!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pink for October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it's a few days late, but I've gone PINK for October... Those who know me know I don't really like that color to much(Keep that in mind when I have a girl!), but it's for a great cause so... PINK it is!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Taiden's big boy room!

I realized I forgot to post pictures of Taiden's 'new' room!!! So here they are!

His converted crib.


His name and pictures above his bed


Horrible lighting, but this is his 'reading' corner. 
The white 'frame' still needs to be painted dark brown, but we lost the paint!

The bookcase is in the closet. Thanks for the idea Nat!


Corner shelves and laundry basket


Changing table and shelf.. lalala


Bookcase in closet


Hand-painted growth chart and light switch.


View from the door.. There is actually a brown rug that goes in 
the middle of the room, but it was being washed when I took these pics yesterday.


View from 'reading corner'...


Taiden's view from his bed haha

Monday, September 28, 2009

Month Twenty

Taiden Taiden,
You are 20 months old! Only four (FOUR) months until you are two!! This year is FLYING by so fast.  I didn't write you a 18 or 19 month letter so this will be a mixture..
We had a lot of fun this Summer...
You played in the fountain at liberty park when your cousins Jesalana and Jairiana came for a week in July. You had so much fun with them and you would look for them every morning for a week after they left. We went to the library, the park, and raging waters while they were here. It's a lot harder to keep older kids busy let me tell you!
You had 'swim lessons' also. They were more to get you used to the water, and although you didn't like most of the activities we did, I think it actually worked. At the beginning of the summer you wouldn't even go shin deep into the water... By the end you were walking out so far I had to go get you because you didn't stop!
We never really played 'catch' before, but you had a blast when we started. You've always liked to throw things so you thought this was even better because you were ALLOWED to throw.
Grandma, DD and Shawnie moved back to UT this summer and Simone came to visit. You immediately attached yourself to Shawnie and I think it hurt Simone's feelings because you loved her last year and you wouldn't touch her this year. By the time she left you were just warming up to her. I think she's going to visit more after this. It took you a while to warm up to DD, but you love him now. I think your faovirte thing to do with him is play 'tackle'... Meaning you attack him! :-) As far as Grandma goes... She kind of messed that up in the beginning when she insisted on braiding your hair! You hate getting it done, but you won't stay out of the mirror afterwards. Now you love her just as much as you love everyone else. You even call her Ma because that's what everyone around you calls her.. It's pretty funny because you usually yell it to get her attention (just like me!).
We went to the zoo twice this year and I think you had fun. I can't wait till next year when you can say more than your versions of elephant, tiger, and dook (look)!
We went camping with the whole family and you had a ton of fun. You loved throwing rocks into the creek and you even made a little chipmunk friend. Sleeping with you in the bed reminded me of why I was so against co-sleeping. Getting kicked in the face is NO FUN. But at least I was being kicked by cute toes... even stinky ones...
Fall is here now and I'm looking forward to all the fun activities we'll get to do this season.. Play in the leaves, go trick or treating and all the things I'm going to need to come up with for indoor play!

You're getting so big so quick I just can't keep up with you anymore.
But I am excited to try!

                                                       I love you Buddha butt,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

So I got a reply..

So I got a reply to my post that I wrote about those CRAZY priced hairbow holders... WOW is all I can say... So I went back to her site to look at them again.. AND I found that she also sells ONE alligator clip with 4-5 inches of ribbon glued on to them for dun dun dun... 2 bucks! I bought a box of 100 clips for like 5 dollars at Sally's and depending on the price of the ribbon used.. wow 2 dollars...  A dollar each I don't think is such a big deal.. because yeah you have to make a profit and it takes about a minute to make one.. but still... I'm glad I can make things like this myself because I would never buy them for someone else...
She does a beautiful job so I'm not trying to knock her work at all... I'm just stating MY opinion on stuff like this..
She also has clips that it looks like she hand makes and sews out of felt and would be worth the price she asks for them (from someone else). Like I said she does a great job.. I just wish she wouldn't have left me that rude comment so I could tell people about her and get her some more business as she claims I did..
I will however let you know that although I don't have a girl I LOVE to make hair bows and so does my friend Jill.. Check out her blog.. Jillz Bowz

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Middle of the night mini rant...

I just saw a site that sells hair bow holders for 70 dollars!! 70 bucks! The worst part is I JUST got home from Walmart and I saw the wooden board thing they used... It costs no more than 5 bucks.. IF THAT.
I just made some for my nieces that really only cost me a dollar since I had everything but the wood already, but including all of the material it would add up to about MAYBE 7 bucks... MAYBE. 
Some people and their nerve!!

Yeah I took off that link because the owner of the site thinks I'm giving her free publicity which yeah I don't want to have my friends waste their money on that when I can make them one that I would not charge 70 dollars for!
Thanks for your ridiculous waste of my time to read comment that I didn't even post! Oh and I doubt that actually brought you some sales, because my friends don't WASTE 70 bucks on stuff like that.. haha

Friday, August 14, 2009

To much use of the word RANDOM

Taiden started waking up really early (for us since I haven't been working) about two months ago, I jokingly said he was getting me ready to get a job. Well pretty unexpectedly it turned out to be true! I wasn't REALLY looking for a job. Pretty much just replying to things online. But I randomly heard about a customer service position at Wells Fargo (through Appleone) and decided to go in and ask about it since I was already registered there from a few years back. Well I start Monday. Kind of random since I didn't really prepare myself to go back to work (like 10 months wasn't enough time haha). But well it's really about darn time! The first four weeks are training and I'll be working 40 hour weeks, but after that I'll be working 32 hour week like I was towards the end at Basic. The hours are pretty crappy due to me getting the last shift available, but I'll live.

I've never really used this blog as a personal blog.. it's been more of a family blog (have I said this before?!), but every so often I'll probably write something random...
Next up.. a RANDOM post about 'Baby names lists'. (Don't get any crazy ideas as it's something I randomly thought of today!)

By the way most of the randoms were added when I couldn't think of a post title and I hate when there are no post titles.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taiden Tuesday 8/11/09

He loved to dunk Devan.
Cheesy smile.
Splash Daddy!
Throwing a fit.
Wood chop game
Can't remember the name of this game, but it was Taiden's favorite.

Happy Taiden
Okay I'm done!
Humpty Dumpty (when we said had a great fall he would jump to us and we had to dunk him under water.)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taiden Tuesday 8/4/09

Taiden and Chaos
Check out the hair!

Taiden's hair after we took the braids out haha