Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter and Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List!

So I decided to do it again. A bucket list. Last season's didn't get finished, but we did most of it. As you can see we've already marked off a few of our to do's on the spring one! Below are pictures!


One minute we were just making shapes.

The next they were COVERED in flour.

Being the cool mom I am I just went with it.

My camera will forever have flour in it's crevices.

Do not tell this girl to say cheese. This is what you get. ....

Chocolate Birds Nests

Devan said this looked like Chaos poop. yeah we didn't end up eating those ones after that!

Dye Easter Eggs

Cheese face.

Easter Egg Hunting
We had an egg hunt at our house in the morning.
We did one later in the front and back yard, but I don't think I took pictures.


The night before we had an egg hunt in the dark over at my boonie Alysha's house.

Khari got to go a bit early because she tricked them with her size.

Little did they know she is a fast learner and she cleaned up!

Mason with his flashlight.

Devan was trying to hide because Khari didn't want to stand by them.

Little turtle Stockton!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Khari's Potty Week!!

This post is LONG and mostly so I can document Khari's potty training progress and have something to refer to in the future.

This past weekend we started potty training (learning whatever...) Khari. I am going to Kentucky to visit my dad at the beginning of June and well I just didn't want to lug cloth diapers and all they entail there and back. She has been showing interest for a while and had pooped on the potty a few times and had begun asking us to use the potty. A few weeks ago I let her be nakie for a day and she went about 4 times, but I'll admit my head just wasn't in it that time. I honestly have birthday parties almost every weekend. This was the only weekend I didn't have ANYTHING for the past month and for the next 2 months. I'm just a social butterfly yo. Anywho I decided to give it a whirl and not step foot out of the house this weekend (didn't work, but I'll get to that later), buckle down and get her done. Nat had let me borrow her potty training in one day book back when I was having trouble getting TK to potty train so I decided to use a few techniques I remembered. Unfortunately I could only find the potty I had bought and not the potty doll, I ended up just using one of Khari's Tiana and one of her fav dolls and a straw.

3.17.12 Saturday morning rolled around and after I got Dev and Taiden ready for the parade I got a tray of salty foods ready and put some juice in a water bottle for Khari. Saturday Khari woke up dry (which she's been doing for a while) and I said "Hey Khari you're going to wear 'big girls' now okay?", I let her pick which ones she wanted to wear and she sat on the potty for about a minute and decided she was done. Cue voice in my head thinking oh hell what have you gotten yourself into, she won't even sit on the potty long enough for it to come naturally! We did a little stint where her dolly went potty and then one where she had an incident and then dolly had to practice going from one room/activity and then hurrying to the potty. We then went down to the kitchen for breakfast and then she helped me do the dishes. I turned my back and heard  'uh oh, potty momma'. Yep peed all over my kitchen chair, but hey there are going to be some accidents and I was prepared. We cleaned it up, cleaned her up, practiced running to the potty (she HATED this part) and talked about where poopoo and peepee goes then went about our day. That first morning she had 1 more starts of a pee accident, she stopped and said potty momma and I rushed her to the potty, and one poop accident. GROSS. It is much easier to clean poop off of a cloth diaper then training underwear. MUCH. In my head I almost went back to diapers right then and there haha. She was dry foir her nap and pretty much the rest of the day and had 5 stickers on her chart before she had another incident. I have no clue where! I was down stairs and she went up then came back to sit on the potty and said 'big girls wet'. I never did find where she peed at! She got her last sticker of the day right before bedtime to total 6 FULL successes (she went everytime with out me having to tell her to), 2 partials, 1 pee miss and 1 poop miss.

3.18.12 Sunday she woke up dry again and went right to the potty and peed. It was a great start to the day. She had one partial poop accident. She went around the side of the couch then went and sat on the potty. She started crying and said 'help momma' I thought she was just having trouble going, but it turns out she had started to go in her pants and didn't know what to do. I felt SO bad for her. I told her it's good that she finished in the potty and we practiced and talked about pooping in the potty. Other than that she was dry ALL day! We ended up going to Home Depot and to Firehouse Subs (to try it out and blech) and she REFUSED to wear a pull-up (left over from TK's days of PTing). I showed her where the potty was in both places. She seemed kind of weary of the toilets without the potty seat though. That night when I went shopping for the week I got her a travel potty seat as the one we had for TK got left up at the camp site. This one is pretty and purple with Tinkerbell on it and she loves it. :-)

3.19.12 Monday Khari once again woke up dry and went in the potty right away. She also went again after breakfast without being prompted in anyway. When she goes her face just lights up because she is so proud of herself. We are all very proud of her too!

3.20.12 Tuesday Dry! She stayed dry all day!

3.21.12 Wednesday She woke up dry again. She had one poopy accident today, but other than that did great!

3.22.12 Thursday Khari is still doing awesome! My mom watches her Thursday and Friday. I got a very surprised call from her. "Did you know your daughter just went in the bathroom, got on the potty by herself and went poop!" LOL. Yeah mom, I told you we were PTing! I do understand her excitement though! I am excited myself. I hung out with my Boonie this night and she said that Devan acts like he's the one who's being PT'ed he acts so excited about it! Haha

3.23.12 Friday. Once again a great day. I think she's pretty much got this down!

3.24.12 Saturday It's been a full week since we started PTing and Khari is doing great. We had a FEW parties today and Khari had an accident at one of them, but overall she is doing wonderful!

4.2.12 Monday OOPS I forgot to hit publish on this post and just realized it! Khari has been doing great! I am happy to say I am done with diapers for a LONG while! It's weird not washing diapers every 3 days though! I don't know if it's the fact that she is a girl, the fact that I used cloth this time, or if she was really just READY, but I am glad to be done with diapers! Only time will tell, we'll have to wait a few years and see what happens with our next kid.