Friday, August 20, 2010

Khari is 2 months!!!

Khari turned 2 months old on Tuesday... Crazy how time flies..  She is smiling up a storm and talking a lot (as witnessed in yesterday's video). Today we had her check up and she is 11 pounds (54th %) and  about 24 inches long (96th %)... Tall and skinny like a certain older brother I know who currently weighs in at about 24.6 pounds.. STILL.  Before I know it she'll be rolling over (on purpose) and crawling about... TEAR. 

Taken exactly 3 days shy of 2 months...
Taken exactly 4 days shy of 2 months..
Throwing in this pic so you can see the difference in HAIR.
Here is a comparison picture of Taiden and Khari.. And now you know why I say Khari is BALD compared to Taiden.. Look at all that hair at just 2 months.. Taiden had more hair when he was born then she has now.. Sigh... Hopefully it will grow quickly haha. Until then I will continue to put one little clippie in it!

One little clippie..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Taiden & Khari's first tubbie together...

Taiden and Khari had their first bath together this past week.. With two more kids to get bathed each night this was the logical solution...
Taiden thought it was fun and as Khari's bath takes all of 3 minutes I don't think she really noticed he was there...

She does love baths though and she looks at me like this when I take her out... If looks could kill!!!

On a side note here she is talking to her butterflies before her bath this morning... She snorts alot!!!

Our week with cousins

Here are some pictures from the past week.. I didn't take much as it was hard with Khari and Taiden...

Taiden & Jairiana at Rage
Hogle Zoo

Monday, August 9, 2010

Taiden @ 2

I'm updating this because it's changing...

Taiden at 2 Years

  • Is a TERROR.
  • Is 36 inches tall and weighs 24 pounds...
  • Is freaking TWO!!!
  • Is kind of a bully...
  • Is the light of my life.
  • Knows baby sister's name is Khari...
  • Likes M and O almost as much as W...
  • Likes to color mommy a picture everyday.
  • Likes to fold baby sister's clothes..
  • Likes to name his Gabbas...
  • Loves his ABCs...
  • Loves to count..
  • LOVES to dance. Even with no music.
  • Loves to wash his hands.
  • Makes us sing a Gabba song for every object he sees... My name is Remote remote ra ra ra ra ra ra ra Remote Remote...
  • Punishment is gettng his books taken away... My child. He will do anything for books!
  • Still wants to watch Gabba Gabba everyday..
  • Talks and talks and talks...
  • Tells me everyone he loves everyday.. It's a long list of Aunties and Uncles...
  • Tells me what he did everyday when I get home from work...
  • Wants to drink the milk out of his bowl, and mommies bowl and daddies bowl every morning...
  • Will get mad if someone puts his toys in the wrong spot. He is my child..
  • Will say Mommy first when asked who loves him.. Boo Yah Devan!!!
  • Yells out Look mommy I found a W when ever he sees one.. Oh Walmart is so fun.. haha

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Aye yi yi... I'm getting pretty bad at this blogging thing... I don't even know what to write about as I'm typing this... Let's see Taiden is 2 1/2 this month and getting so big. It's amazing what kids do and say...  Taiden feels the need to let everyone know that he likes 'Boom boom boom and Yo Gabba Gabba' at least 5 times a day... He's also taken to making up stories that others might call lies lol.  But most are just good old imagination.. Just now Devan mentioned Taiden's birthday and how he'll be 3 soon and he came downstairs and told me it's his birthday today and Christian and Nicolette are bringing him a Birthday Cake.. huh? Where did that come from... Silly kid... 
Khari is doing good as well.. I can't believe she is 7 weeks old and I will be going back to work in just 2 weeks.. :-(  She is starting to smile a lot and talks to us daily. Taiden loves her and shows it by giving her 500 kisses a day, and about 200 hugs. He always wants to take pictures with her and still likes to hang out in her room. (Her rug is uber soft!) When she spits up he yells 'Where is baby Khari's burp cloth?!?". He will throw away diapers, but when you first ask him he tells you he can't cause his hands are dirty haha...  yeah... Maybe if I get my butt in gear I will post less random things... Prob won't this week because my nieces are coming for a week tomorrow! I haven't seen them since they visited last summer so we are way excited! I will post pictures for sure... Until them here are some pics of my babes..

1 month old
Uncle DD
After her first bath at home
Sleeping in the Laundry Basket
At Rage
Khari and Avery, 4 days apart..
My poor girl has baby acne
Uhm.. they both make the same faces haha
Mommy looking extra rough and Taiden cute as ever
Happy as can be in the morning!
She looks ready to beat someone up!