Thursday, August 28, 2008

Taiden Tuesday Week 11; 30 Weeks

Hey Taiden the legs are off.. Sit down... haha
First position I left him in.
20 mins later.. AWW!
At about 11:30
First thing in the morning.
Right before I left to work.

Month Seven

7 months old today!

You’ve done so many new things yet there are so many more things you want, and one day will be able, to do. You want to stand alone so badly. I catch you in the middle of the room trying to push your self up off the floor… You look like you’re doing yoga. J

Since Simone left Alysha Lykins has been watching you. At first you would NOT let Allen put you down. You have tons of fun there. Ella gets mad when I come to pick you up and Paul gets mad the days you aren’t there. I’m really glad we found someone we know and trust to take care of you while mommy’s at work.

We went to Las Vegas at the beginning of August to visit Grandma and Simone and you finally met 2 of your uncles. You did great on the car ride! The only time you really cried was when we were almost home! There was a little piano at the house we stayed at and you just loved it. While we were there you crawled on your knees for the first time!

Sometimes you do this little walking crawl thing with one foot on the ground. The house has been baby proofed all though we still need gates for the stairs. You still love your jumper, but you haven’t been in your swing for about 2 months! (Note to self take that down.) I got you a little table to stand at and even when the legs are off you try to stand at it! You stand on mom, you stand on dad, and you stand on pretty much whatever you can. You just love to stand! You think you are the biggest boy already! You crawl, you stand, you hold on to thing with one hand!

We got a doggy for daddy’s birthday. He is a German shepherd. We named him Chaos partly because he is very ‘excitable’, but mainly because it’s the only thing we could remotely agree upon. When you see him you get really excited, but we don’t let him get to close because he doesn’t know not to ‘nibble’ and we don’t want you getting bitten!

I think your teething again. L You’re drooling, you have a runny nose, and you’re BITING everything, the works. You seem to only like biting mommy. You bite my shoulder, my knee, whatever is near you, you will bite.

Every day you do something new. I can’t believe how much you’ve changed and grown in just 7 months. You’re just going to keep on changing, but only for the better.

Love you Buddha Belly.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taiden Tuesday Week 10; 29 Weeks

Playing the game in the front of Hook.

Get him! Get him!

Oh no! HE got ME!
How can I help you today?

Well dad, how can I put this?

So to lay it out on the table... You're fired.
Goofing off in the back with daddy.

Taiden Tuesday Week 9; 28 Weeks

After throwing a huge fit about who knows what.
In Vegas with silly daddy.
I guess daddy's finger was in the way, but I think he looks cute so..
I'm gonna HAVE to get one of these.. He loved it!
With the grandma.

You will never catch me crawling on camera! Mwuhaha ha ha ha!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Taiden is crawling people. CRAWLING. He's been doing the army crawl all over the house for about 3-4 weeks, and rocking on his knees for 1... Then Saturday (while visiting mi familia in Las Vegas) he got on his cute little knees.. and crawled. I have no video because everyone was busy crowding around him (and freaking him out) to remember to grab my camera. I have been informed by the babysitter that he has been crawling today too! Dang that went by fast... Good thing I baby proofed (kinda) a few weeks ago!

Oh and we got a puppy! He's a beautiful German Shepherd with no name.
Please please call Devan and tell him GLENDALE is the dumbest name you've ever heard... I will owe you all big time!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

12 A.M Crib woes & 6 Month pics!

Saturday night when he woke up I went into Taiden’s room to tuck him in again. I found him standing. Screaming. The top of the crib at his waist. I kinda freaked out… What if I wouldn’t have torn my self away from the latest Twilight book woken up and went in there? He could have fallen out! I made Dev bust out the tools and fix the mattress height. Laid him back down.. tucked him in and left… 5 minutes later.. Screaming! Standing! Ah! Except he can’t fall out anymore so I was just way excited and felt the need to tell everyone he can pull himself to standing! He’s been (attempting to)crawling and pulling him self up on ME for about a month now… But this is different.. soon he’ll be walking (he tried walking around the table yesterday!) and running away from me. Waaah!!! We got his 6 month pictures done Saturday. He looks so big. I’m sad, but I still can't wait!

Now check out some of his 3 month shots…

Aww my little old man is looking more and more like a little old man… Tear.

Taiden Tuesday Week 8; 27 Weeks

He loves these teething blocks!

Aww my sleepy boy.

MMM yummy nummy.

He WOULD NOT let Allen put him down!

Hey Paul.. what are you doing?

New hair!!! What do you think? Here’s the OLD hair. I just love to jump into Taiden Tuesdays I guess!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sixth Month

This month has just flown by! You are such a big boy. 6 months old. Wow.
Your laugh is so infectious. You’re still my happy jabby baby. Once you get the first sound out you talk a lot and really loud. You’re definitely a screamer! Simone will be leaving in a week, but I hope she will come back soon so that you don’t forget her. You will be going back to a daycare center (a different one) or to a home daycare. You are going through a separation phase, but you will still go to her most of the time. You’ve been splashing in the tub for a while, but you just started to splash in the wave pool. You get so excited. I love the surprised look you get when you get water on your face.
You’re really starting to move about… I need to baby proof soon, as in now. If there is something that you really want you will get it no matter how far away or if I’m laying in front of it or even on it. You are a very smart baby. You are very active. Always on the go. You’re two bottom front teeth came in a few weeks ago, and you have started biting. Not to happy about that, but when I tell you no and you smile I can’t help but to grin right back! You’re my little froggy monkey boy. You like to “jump” towards things you want, and always surprise me by springing over me to get something on the other side of the bed. I’m so excited for you to really start crawling; I can’t wait to chase you around!
We went to Kentucky to visit your Grandpa this past weekend. You did so good on the plane rides there and back. You talked (loudly at first), I think you were excited to be around so many people, and then you fell asleep for most of the flight. While there you got pretty spoiled! I hade to buy an extra bag to check in just for all the new clothes you got! I think Grandpa just loved you. The first grandson!
Your little tail is starting to get curly although not as curly as the front and your hair is finally starting to grow back in on the back of your head. I love playing in your curls, although they are very hard to keep under control.
You’re so beautiful and I love watching you grow.
I love you.