Monday, June 21, 2010

Khari is here!!!

Khari Rhyss was born June 17th 2010 at 6:59 AM. She weighed 8p5oz and was a mere 20 inches long! She has tonz of hair according to others. Everyone says she is such a big baby, but she seems so tiny compared to Taiden! He was 8p12oz and 22 inches longs at 41 weeks gestation. I was originally due to go in to have her tomorrow, but the date was moved up. If I would've waited until even tomorrow she would've weighed more than him! I can't imagine if I would've went to 41 weeks again!
So far she is such a good baby. She eats every 3-4 hours already and getting her to wake up to eat includes stripping her down and tickling her a bit.  She is so sweet and we are so blessed to have her!
Here are some pictures we took...

Khari & daddy right after birth...
Eliza Lynn came to visit!
Beautiful Aunt Nat
Grandma Turner
Grandpa Turner
Taiden is so good with her!
Mah bestie Alysha
Nana (my mom)
Auntie Felecia
Some random dude.. haha The proud papa!
This time he wanted to hold Baby Khari by himself!!! 
Going home
First night home..

Also if you go here...
And put in this password..
You can see pics of Khari for the next 2 weeks..

Monday, June 14, 2010


I moved my date up to the 17th. And so.. Khari will be here no later than Thursday! Woo hoo! I go in at 4:30 AM and I think the surgery is scheduled for 6:30 (although this could easily change) I will let everyone know via text or phone once I am in recovery. Only 2 more days!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And across the hall from Khari's room...

We have a finished bathroom! Well mostly finished haha. It still needs some decor... and a cabinet above the toilet..
The worlds smallest tub...
The worlds best mirror. That I hated. But I hate anything gold so.. 
Oh how I will miss having a carpeted bathroom. NOT. 
The bottom shelf on the vainty had NO space. and now I know why haha. 
Bye bye blue tiles.. But let me tell you they didn't go down with out slicing Dev's thumb open first!
The set up for the tub..
We moved the tub to the other side and created a window 
Tub with view of step up..
Double sink with view of lighting
Double sink with view of vanity
The new view going downstairs. (It was at a slant before.. Then a hole for a while haha)
And Taiden was UBER excited to have a tubby once again!
And his hair is getting long again! woo hoo!

38 weeks... and pictures of Khari's mostly finished room

Can I just say I am SO done being pregnant?  I went to almost 41 weeks with Taiden no problem.. No aches a little bit of swelling it was ALL GOOD. This time.. No such luck. I've taken to sleeping downstairs on the couch or sitting up due to my Round Ligament Pain, and even then without much relief cause I end up flopping onto my side anyways. It takes me a good 5 minutes to roll over NO JOKE. Dana, I don't know how you made it to 42 weeks with Reed. You are my hero. On the other hand I am measuring FOUR weeks ahead. YIKES... With a scheduled date of the 22nd at least I know there is an end in sight... I was actually thinking of asking her to move it to next week at my appointment tomorrow! (which is when she originally wanted to schedule me.) She said the earliest she wanted to do it was the 18th and uhm for personal reasons I don't want that date, so I'm gonna see if I can bully it up a few days.. If  not. I'll stick with the 22nd I GUESS.
I'm really hoping Khari decides to come on her own and we can avoid it altogether so I'll be doing buukoo walking this weekend and the treadmill may become my new best friend.
Today I asked Taiden if Khari can come out now and he said no not yet because she is still playing and moving around in my belly. He did say it's okay if she comes tomorrow though haha. We shall see, but I doubt it... But then he said that she has to go bye bye.. Uh oh. I wonder how he is going to react to having a baby in the house ALL THE TIME. I've watched my friends son a few times and he knows to be soft and everything, but I don't know how he'll deal with crying. He woke up Jayshawn yesterday and when he started crying he ran over and was like I'm sorry baby! It was cute, I can just hear him telling Khari to 'shushy your mouth' like he tells the dog... ay yi yi.
Oh here are some pictures of Khari's room.  Her room is mostly done.. it just needs her frames that have yet to be painted.. oopsie mommy..
 Taiden thinks Khari has the 'funnest' floor in the house to lay on... I have to agree I love laying on her rug. It is way soft!
Her name (before the mobile went up)
Above the random closet space...
The door and handles of the random closet space (the real closet now has matching knobs) 
Her name and the 'mobile'
Her view of the mobile
Her bow holder
Her crib bedding...