Monday, October 8, 2012

Slacking over the Summer

Oh how I wish I was better at keeping up with this blog.. It's just that I feel like a post isn't good enough without pictures and I rarely take pictures off of my cameras! Fall is in full swing and we can for sure tell today! It is FREEZING!
Let's see what we have for updates.. Summer was fun and we had tonz of rage days! TK started pre-school at a REAL school.

Granpa came over to see Taiden go to his first day of school.

He doesn't look very happy in the first pic lol, but he loves Ms Siene(sp) and I can't figure out how to delete it while on my phone!

He has the same teacher that Devan did which is pretty cool. She remembers him, Tucket, and all their other little friends! He has his days where he doesn't want to go, but then has a blast anyways (I think he just wants to stay home and play on my Nook). We all walk him over everyday and Khari wants to stay SO bad. She has to line up to wash her hands with the kids and she takes her bag pack along as well. Hopefully Jeff's G-ma will be doing preschool again next year and her and Emma can go there together!
This post is pretty short, but I figured it's better than nothing! Here are some pictures from this summer...

They always come outside and wave to me and run around the corner when I leave.

At the camp site

Walker, Taiden, & Dev up camping.

At the zoo near the new exhibit.