Monday, September 28, 2009

Month Twenty

Taiden Taiden,
You are 20 months old! Only four (FOUR) months until you are two!! This year is FLYING by so fast.  I didn't write you a 18 or 19 month letter so this will be a mixture..
We had a lot of fun this Summer...
You played in the fountain at liberty park when your cousins Jesalana and Jairiana came for a week in July. You had so much fun with them and you would look for them every morning for a week after they left. We went to the library, the park, and raging waters while they were here. It's a lot harder to keep older kids busy let me tell you!
You had 'swim lessons' also. They were more to get you used to the water, and although you didn't like most of the activities we did, I think it actually worked. At the beginning of the summer you wouldn't even go shin deep into the water... By the end you were walking out so far I had to go get you because you didn't stop!
We never really played 'catch' before, but you had a blast when we started. You've always liked to throw things so you thought this was even better because you were ALLOWED to throw.
Grandma, DD and Shawnie moved back to UT this summer and Simone came to visit. You immediately attached yourself to Shawnie and I think it hurt Simone's feelings because you loved her last year and you wouldn't touch her this year. By the time she left you were just warming up to her. I think she's going to visit more after this. It took you a while to warm up to DD, but you love him now. I think your faovirte thing to do with him is play 'tackle'... Meaning you attack him! :-) As far as Grandma goes... She kind of messed that up in the beginning when she insisted on braiding your hair! You hate getting it done, but you won't stay out of the mirror afterwards. Now you love her just as much as you love everyone else. You even call her Ma because that's what everyone around you calls her.. It's pretty funny because you usually yell it to get her attention (just like me!).
We went to the zoo twice this year and I think you had fun. I can't wait till next year when you can say more than your versions of elephant, tiger, and dook (look)!
We went camping with the whole family and you had a ton of fun. You loved throwing rocks into the creek and you even made a little chipmunk friend. Sleeping with you in the bed reminded me of why I was so against co-sleeping. Getting kicked in the face is NO FUN. But at least I was being kicked by cute toes... even stinky ones...
Fall is here now and I'm looking forward to all the fun activities we'll get to do this season.. Play in the leaves, go trick or treating and all the things I'm going to need to come up with for indoor play!

You're getting so big so quick I just can't keep up with you anymore.
But I am excited to try!

                                                       I love you Buddha butt,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

So I got a reply..

So I got a reply to my post that I wrote about those CRAZY priced hairbow holders... WOW is all I can say... So I went back to her site to look at them again.. AND I found that she also sells ONE alligator clip with 4-5 inches of ribbon glued on to them for dun dun dun... 2 bucks! I bought a box of 100 clips for like 5 dollars at Sally's and depending on the price of the ribbon used.. wow 2 dollars...  A dollar each I don't think is such a big deal.. because yeah you have to make a profit and it takes about a minute to make one.. but still... I'm glad I can make things like this myself because I would never buy them for someone else...
She does a beautiful job so I'm not trying to knock her work at all... I'm just stating MY opinion on stuff like this..
She also has clips that it looks like she hand makes and sews out of felt and would be worth the price she asks for them (from someone else). Like I said she does a great job.. I just wish she wouldn't have left me that rude comment so I could tell people about her and get her some more business as she claims I did..
I will however let you know that although I don't have a girl I LOVE to make hair bows and so does my friend Jill.. Check out her blog.. Jillz Bowz

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Middle of the night mini rant...

I just saw a site that sells hair bow holders for 70 dollars!! 70 bucks! The worst part is I JUST got home from Walmart and I saw the wooden board thing they used... It costs no more than 5 bucks.. IF THAT.
I just made some for my nieces that really only cost me a dollar since I had everything but the wood already, but including all of the material it would add up to about MAYBE 7 bucks... MAYBE. 
Some people and their nerve!!

Yeah I took off that link because the owner of the site thinks I'm giving her free publicity which yeah I don't want to have my friends waste their money on that when I can make them one that I would not charge 70 dollars for!
Thanks for your ridiculous waste of my time to read comment that I didn't even post! Oh and I doubt that actually brought you some sales, because my friends don't WASTE 70 bucks on stuff like that.. haha