Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fifth Month

Five months Buddha! You are getting so big.

You’re still the happiest baby alive and soon you should have some teeth to show us! Aunt Simone came a week ago to watch you while mommy’s at work. You just smile and smile at her. You won’t even look at me if she’s in the room! It seems you’ve lost your tongue. You don’t stick it out as much now. You are such a flirt. You smile at people then bury your head in my shoulder. I’m not complaining though, I love snuggling with you. Bath time has been very messy. You just kick your legs the whole time. Actually you kick your legs all the time. You just thump your little left leg on our (new) wooden floors. We’ve been going to Raging Waters every Sunday and although at first you’re grumpy after the Lazy River you love the Wave Pool. You sit and stare at the water and try to stomp your feet. You fall asleep when we go in the Lazy River, I mean it is called Lazy River, but once you wake up you are as bright and smiley as ever. You’ve stopped pulling your hair as much, but you still love to pull everyone else’s (though I don’t think you like it to much when Cousin Walker pulls yours haha).

You’re sitting a lot better now, but it seems you don’t like to sit very long on your own. You reach for EVERYTHING, and love to bang things on the floor, table or highchair. Everything still goes straight in to your mouth of course. You’ve been throwing things this past week, and spitting out your binky for fun it seems. You roll everywhere. If I leave for two seconds you are across the room when I come back. Time to baby proof! You have been turning in circles since a few days after you turned 4 months, and you try to crawl. You only get a few inches and pretty much just scoot, but you try. I started you on solids again and you love to eat. You still get fussy if I take to long to get the spoon back to your mouth, but you’re getting better. I’ve been making your baby food as I only want the best for you. J

You have the most beautiful unruly hair. I’ve already started using No More Tangle Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner spray! But I love your curls. You have one little ringlet that hangs in your face. Boing. Although you look like a balding man with your “patch” that goes around your head. The other day you were told you have a reverse mullet. Haha. Your hair is business (straight) in the back and party in the front.

You are my beautiful boy and I love you.

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