Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And across the hall from Khari's room...

We have a finished bathroom! Well mostly finished haha. It still needs some decor... and a cabinet above the toilet..
The worlds smallest tub...
The worlds best mirror. That I hated. But I hate anything gold so.. 
Oh how I will miss having a carpeted bathroom. NOT. 
The bottom shelf on the vainty had NO space. and now I know why haha. 
Bye bye blue tiles.. But let me tell you they didn't go down with out slicing Dev's thumb open first!
The set up for the tub..
We moved the tub to the other side and created a window 
Tub with view of step up..
Double sink with view of lighting
Double sink with view of vanity
The new view going downstairs. (It was at a slant before.. Then a hole for a while haha)
And Taiden was UBER excited to have a tubby once again!
And his hair is getting long again! woo hoo!


Dana said...

I seriously wonder if Devan could be any more talented!? Seriously. That kid has so many mad skills it's unreal. Wow. wow. wow. The bathroom looks AWESOME! (Although the "before" was SO Grandma T. Miss her.) I bet you are in heaven with such a beautiful bathroom! Way to go, Dev!

Can't wait to see you guys in just a couple of weeks! Ya hoo!! XOXO

Jill and Chris said...

The bathroom is beautiful and Kharis bedroom is so dang cute. Sorry you aren't feeling super great. Hopefully she'll make her appearance quickly! :D Good luck!

SeaJay said...

WOW!!!! What a super job you guys. It is beautiful. Taiden looks pretty happy in the new bath tub.