Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stanley.. It's been AHHGESS AND AHHHGEESSS...

If you've seen Open Season 2 you know what I'm talking about. TK had a little obsession with it for a minute and when he was done with it me and Dev weren't we call each other everyday just to say that haha.
Anywho... It really has been ages! So first I'll post pics of some of our Advent activities and we'll go from there. It's probably be mostly pictures to catch up though, just a warning!
Stringing fruit loops or whatever the ghetto brand is called..

We made Bird Seed AKA Reindeer food

What Khari did while we had fun hehe.

Taiden's creation

Why yes TK does hang out in his undies quite often.

Random night before bed..

Cookies for Santa.. No clue who frosted these. We had friends over and I just stole some from the bunch for Santa..

Random Khari pic before bed

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SeaJay said...

Taiden really looked like he had lots of fun with the advent activities. Even Khari looks pretty entertained. So happy to see your new post. Thanks. We really enjoy reading the updates.
Aunt Connie