Friday, September 30, 2011

Begining of pictures from the past 7 months! (March and April)

So I figure it's pretty pointless for me to say I'll update from the past 7 months so I'll post a bunch of pics instead! For some reason these are all backwards, but here are March and April pictures... Heather, Bri, Nat and Zion at Easter.
TK at the Flowershop on Easter
He found his basket!!
Easter Chic!
Mi Familia dying eggs
Khari and Grampa

The only picture I have of her with an egg cause she started smashing it!

Taiden at Aunt Janes doing face paintings..
Ready to ship!! Any takers?
Khari and Avery playing
Khari and Auntie Mone
2 Baers and a Ferrari
Emma Jane!
Nat and Heather
Khari butt eating of course
St Patricks Parade
Khari and "techa" (Felecia)
TK and his bike he got for his Birthday.
Maisy and Aiden

That's all for now, but hopefully I can get more up within the next few days!

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