Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter and Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List!

So I decided to do it again. A bucket list. Last season's didn't get finished, but we did most of it. As you can see we've already marked off a few of our to do's on the spring one! Below are pictures!


One minute we were just making shapes.

The next they were COVERED in flour.

Being the cool mom I am I just went with it.

My camera will forever have flour in it's crevices.

Do not tell this girl to say cheese. This is what you get. ....

Chocolate Birds Nests

Devan said this looked like Chaos poop. yeah we didn't end up eating those ones after that!

Dye Easter Eggs

Cheese face.

Easter Egg Hunting
We had an egg hunt at our house in the morning.
We did one later in the front and back yard, but I don't think I took pictures.


The night before we had an egg hunt in the dark over at my boonie Alysha's house.

Khari got to go a bit early because she tricked them with her size.

Little did they know she is a fast learner and she cleaned up!

Mason with his flashlight.

Devan was trying to hide because Khari didn't want to stand by them.

Little turtle Stockton!

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Dana said...

So cute! You did so many great things for Easter. Those little bird nests are cute. How do you do them?