Tuesday, August 5, 2008

12 A.M Crib woes & 6 Month pics!

Saturday night when he woke up I went into Taiden’s room to tuck him in again. I found him standing. Screaming. The top of the crib at his waist. I kinda freaked out… What if I wouldn’t have torn my self away from the latest Twilight book woken up and went in there? He could have fallen out! I made Dev bust out the tools and fix the mattress height. Laid him back down.. tucked him in and left… 5 minutes later.. Screaming! Standing! Ah! Except he can’t fall out anymore so I was just way excited and felt the need to tell everyone he can pull himself to standing! He’s been (attempting to)crawling and pulling him self up on ME for about a month now… But this is different.. soon he’ll be walking (he tried walking around the table yesterday!) and running away from me. Waaah!!! We got his 6 month pictures done Saturday. He looks so big. I’m sad, but I still can't wait!

Now check out some of his 3 month shots…

Aww my little old man is looking more and more like a little old man… Tear.

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Dana Turner said...

He is so cute - you are so good about taking so many pictures!