Friday, August 1, 2008

Sixth Month

This month has just flown by! You are such a big boy. 6 months old. Wow.
Your laugh is so infectious. You’re still my happy jabby baby. Once you get the first sound out you talk a lot and really loud. You’re definitely a screamer! Simone will be leaving in a week, but I hope she will come back soon so that you don’t forget her. You will be going back to a daycare center (a different one) or to a home daycare. You are going through a separation phase, but you will still go to her most of the time. You’ve been splashing in the tub for a while, but you just started to splash in the wave pool. You get so excited. I love the surprised look you get when you get water on your face.
You’re really starting to move about… I need to baby proof soon, as in now. If there is something that you really want you will get it no matter how far away or if I’m laying in front of it or even on it. You are a very smart baby. You are very active. Always on the go. You’re two bottom front teeth came in a few weeks ago, and you have started biting. Not to happy about that, but when I tell you no and you smile I can’t help but to grin right back! You’re my little froggy monkey boy. You like to “jump” towards things you want, and always surprise me by springing over me to get something on the other side of the bed. I’m so excited for you to really start crawling; I can’t wait to chase you around!
We went to Kentucky to visit your Grandpa this past weekend. You did so good on the plane rides there and back. You talked (loudly at first), I think you were excited to be around so many people, and then you fell asleep for most of the flight. While there you got pretty spoiled! I hade to buy an extra bag to check in just for all the new clothes you got! I think Grandpa just loved you. The first grandson!
Your little tail is starting to get curly although not as curly as the front and your hair is finally starting to grow back in on the back of your head. I love playing in your curls, although they are very hard to keep under control.
You’re so beautiful and I love watching you grow.
I love you.

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Wendy Turner said...

Hey Taiden you have such an amazing mom and dad. I love how your mom is so good at keeping up on her blog with new pics of you and sharing those special mom moments with all of us. I love you sooooooo much and how blessed we all our to have you in our family we always are happy when Taiden is in the house. I love your two new teeth, can't believe you are 6 months. Wow where does the time go. See you soon,