Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Am I Really THAT dumb?

The past 4 times I have looked at my blog I have fixed a spelling mistake... All on the same thing! My little side button for Maddie Sphor... First it said
Im Memorey of Maddie Shpor... then
I'm Memorey of Maddie Sphor. Then
In Memorey of Maddie Sphor... and today it is finally right!
In Memory of Maddie Sphor...

How could I mess it up that bad that many times!?!? Wow.. you guys need to start helping me correct my MANY mistakes! I also changed something else.. Taiden now has 8 teeth up top and still only 4 on the bottom.. The day after I changed it TWO more popped through! Hooray sleepless nights! Although I have NOTHING on Ethan and Dana... Congrats on getting Reed to sleep better you two!


Rob said...

I don't even want to know how many spelling mistakes are on my posts! It happens. If you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have even noticed. What does that say?

Ashley and Devan said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I did delete that post.. I decided I didn't want our choice influenced by others. Thanks for liking her name. We decided today we are going to change just the spelling of her name to Brynlee (depending on the legal aspect of it). I feel much better about that. I think your son's name is really cute!! Thanks for reading my blog.. it's always fun to see who is reading our blog : )