Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Month Fifteen

My Lover Butt, Buddha Buddha, Pooper butt, Buddha Belly, Stinky Toes, Stinkum Buddha, Yeah Yeah, Fusser Bucket, Cutie Bootie. You have so many nicknames I find myself calling you two at a time. I love every single one of them (although I don’t think you’ll appreciate them to much when you’re 16).
You’ve started doing so many new things in the past month, some good and some not so good. Your tantrums have become more frequent and more… violent. You love to hit, but hitting is not nice so you’ll give me loves run away then come back and hit me again. It’s so hard not to laugh when you do this. You used to bang your head on the floor A LOT, but that stopped when you did it on the hook floor and immediately got a goose egg! This month you’ve started banging your head on everything.. The wall, a door, your crib and even mommy! Last week you refused to go to sleep and started banging your head on the crib, I ended up having to wrap it in blankets so that you wouldn’t hurt yourself. In the end you’re too smart and when I came to get you in the morning you made a point of going to the railing at the back of the crib and banging your head on that side! I think it was just to show me you could do it because you turned around and laughed.
You LOVE to help clean up, most nights all I have to do is say time for bed and you go into your playroom and clean everything up. You’re so smart, you know which bins your toys go in (a big thing for me) and you always make sure the bins themselves are put back in the right place. You’re getting to the point that you’ll put one thing away before playing with another. I haven’t even attempted to teach you this, you just began doing it on your own.
It’s been getting pretty warm and we go to the park often (sometimes twice a day), you’re favorite thing is the slide. You have fun on the little ones, but you LOVE the longer slides. All I have to do is help you climb the stairs and you know just what to do. You push off all by yourself, it seems you have no fear! You’ve even went down on your tummy. We’ve also been to feed the geese and ducks. You had no problem going right up to them while I stood back screaming, “Get away from them! Geese are mean!” If I had allowed it I think you would’ve let them eat straight from your hands!
You had your first Easter egg hunt this month. We hosted one at our house for all the kids we knew. You had a blast. We hid 300 eggs, and you still find some that the other kids didn’t. Easter morning we had a hunt in your playroom and you found most of them by yourself. You got so excited when you saw the little Easter basket we got for you. You also got a huge basketball hoop that you probably won’t be able to play with alone until you’re 3! Although you do like to bring me the ball and have me lift you up to shoot.
On top of cleaning up your toys you’ve turned into quite the little helper. If you find the tiniest piece of anything on the floor you will pick it up and throw it away. I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about you choking on something you’ve found on the ground. The other day you got into my purse and instead of sticking them in your mouth, like a lot of kids would do, you brought the pennies you found to me. Then you took me upstairs because you wanted to put them in your piggy bank! You have so much fun with that thing!
I love you so much and I can’t wait to see what new things you come up with this month!
Love your Momma.

Here's a little video of the three of us and some pictures.


Rob said...

WOW!! I cannot believe how fast he has grown! Miss you all very much!

Rob said...
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