Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm too lazy to write on my OTHER blog, so I'll just post my RANDOM thoughts here for now.
Not trying to be the BIGGEST hater in the world.. BUT. what's up with names these days?
Yeah Taiden has a different name.. And while I thought the name just kinda popped in my head as a compromise.. ( liked Kaden but one of my old co-workers named her son Kaden, and Devan liked Jayden and I felt it was to common) when I was looking at one of the baby announcement sites a few weeks ago I realized I saw the name on there!
Now it seems people are just going through the alphabet and changing letters...
Hmm I like Jason why don't we try something else.. Bason, Cason, Dason, Fason, Gason, Hason, Kason, Lason.. oh I like Lason.. that's his name! What's with that?
My friend (the one with the son named Kaden) named her daughter Taylee.. I've never heard a name like it at all. Then I saw Zaylee on some site... Really ZAYLEE? Taylee is cute and sounds pretty unique.. Zaylee sounds like they know someone named Taylee and didn't want to copy the name haha. I've seen a few more lately and they are just 'different' names. hmm.. I like the name Brinley and have heard it around lately.. then I saw Lynlee (on the same site I saw Zaylee actually) Lynlee.. to many L's if you ask me. Maybe it's the mom and dads middle names put together or something like that, but I just think it's weird. These are examples of names that really aren't that bad, but I've heard some really bad ones... I just can't think of them right now haha. (gimme a break.. it's 12:30 am, and I sat in traffic for 2.5 hours today and I have no clue why I'm up right now.)
Oh well this is just my opinion... Which doesn't really matter to anyone, but me... I know one Grandma who baulked at the name Taiden... and another who hates my first choice for a girl name.. (which I will not tell until I actually have a girl, cause it's alot harder to talk about a baby's name when they're here AND you know them!)

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Jill and Chris said...

Haha, you make me laugh. Kaden and Taycee are pretty unique But now it seems like everyone is naming their kids that. I actually met someone once and her name was Abcde. The pronounced it (Ab-Si-Dee) Strange