Sunday, June 28, 2009

Month Seventeen

Taiden Buddha,

You are such a big boy! We re-did your room last month and converted your crib into a toddler bed. You love the bed and your room. You still look around and point to new things in your room. Each morning I wake up to hear pitter patter pitter patter and see you opening my door. At first you would bring EVERY blanket you could find and come climb in bed with mommy and daddy for a few minutes before we would go down to eat breakfast… Now you simply push open the door and point to the stairs.. So much for snuggly time! Occasionally you will close the door behind you and come “lay” with us… By lay I mean kick us in the head and sit on our faces! When you do you will only put up with it for so long before you’re at the door demanding to be let out. Last month you insisted on walking up and down the stairs (with help), but now you insist on doing it yourself!
You are still my skinny butt at 21.8 pounds maybe 22 soaking wet directly after you’ve eaten.
You have 8 teeth on the top and 7 on the bottom. The only one you have left to get is your left pointy one ( I can’t think of the name right now). Your hair is past your shoulders when straight and I am sick of hearing about how I need to cut it. I like it, you like to play with it and it’s cute! Pretty soon I want to braid it, but it’ll be my first attempt and although I don’t care what people think I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings when I get mad at their comments… I’m sure you’ll be grateful that I won’t be combing it everyday!
Rage this year has been fun so far. You don’t like the water nearly as much as you did last year and you are content to play in the VERY shallow part of the Wave Pool. You just find leaves and sticks and such to throw into the water. When Eliza and Walker are with us you will sometimes chase them into deeper water, but you still won’t go past your knees! When we take you into deeper water you cling to our necks and bury your head (I have scars to prove it). I will be taking you to swim lessons next month to get you used to the water.
At the park you’ve learned to go around instead of trying to climb back up the slides (darn older kids!) The slide WAS your all time favorite at the park for awhile, but now you’ve moved onto the swings! You run straight for them and hang onto it until I put you on one. If I let you slow down or stop you will attempt to swing yourself and rock back and forth.

You still clean up pretty good when prompted, but you like to destroy things even more! You dump out every bin in the playroom and throw all of the balls out of the ball pit before deciding to play with your cars (every time). You love to do your shapes puzzle, but you pretty much ignore your animal ones. When cleaning up you place things in the wrong bin purposely then look at me to see my reaction before placing the toys in the right place. It is pretty funny when you don’t do it with every single toy.

You like to help get your self dressed and if I put your shirt on your head you can pull it down and put your arms through the holes. You also like to be standing up when I put your pants on. We kind of started potty training 2 weeks ago. You’ve went pee on the potty several times, but we’re taking a break when your cousins come in a few days and we will start again after they leave.

You aren’t the serious baby you were this time last year. You love to laugh and you do all kinds of crazy stuff. You will smack your bum if asked to, and you like to honk peoples noses. You LOVE to tickle people, almost as much as you love to be tickled. You like to jump/fall of the couch and get back up and do it again.

Here is a list of what is on the sidebar of my blog this month.

Taiden at 17 months
* Cleans up his toys
* Climbs in the tub

* Climbs on chairs, tables, and pretty much everything now.

* Eats HAMBURGERS (this is big since he would never eat meat)

* Fake laughs.

* Has 8 teeth on the top and 7 on the bottom

* Has to close every drawer or door that is open

* Has to have two of everything

* HAS to walk down the stairs ALONE most of the time
* Hugs me when I say be nice (even when he's not being nice to someone else.)

* Is more attached to mommy than EVER.

* Likes to give dap (knuckles)

* Likes to mean mug EVERYONE

* Likes to share food
* Likes to tickle people and say tikdle tikdle!

* LOVES cheese

* Loves to look at himself

* Runs around the house SCREAMING yeah yeah yeah ALL DAY LONG.
* Says no, more, mom, daddy, dog, down, stop, hey, yeah, night night, hi, duck, cheese, stinky, tickle, bye, please, mine.

* Signs more, milk, water, banana, cheese, please, sorry, and thank you.

* Sleeps great in his toddler bed

* Throws everything

* Throws Tantrums

* Tries to copy any noise you make.
* Wakes up every morning and points at stuff in his room
* Waves bye when you say Night Night

* Will smack his bum if you tell him too

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