Monday, January 25, 2010

A bunch of junk... seriously

So I haven't posted any pictures or anything because I couldn't find my camera!!! I originally left it at the Turner's. Then I guess I put it in my pocket and it fell under the seat in my car. But I thought it was still at the Turners so I didn't bother looking for it. Then when I went over they were like camera huh what? And I was all but I left it here! I swear! Well I think I swear.. In the end I said well it's prob in my car so don't bother looking for it. And well that's where it was! (I'm just to lazy to go take it off the charger to post pics now..) Guess I should clean it more often! And let me tell you it is DIRTY. The outside more than the end although I can't say the inside was clean either.. But I just threw a bunch of crap in a bag and now it's sitting on the kitchen table waiting finish being distributed to the correct rooms in the house.. But in the end it will probably all end up back in the car!
Speaking of rooms in the house... We REALLY only have a 3 bedroom house but we're turning it in to a 4 bedroom house because Devan (of all people) doesn't want my sister to move out. So the playroom/computer room is being turned into her room so Khari can have a room upstairs.. At this moment I am sitting at the computer in the LIVING ROOM. U.G.LY. But oh well it isn't forever and I'll get over it. Thinking about it most of my friends and their families have computers in their Living Rooms too! The toys will be in the kids room (Gahh) and some will be the little corner of the Family Room. You think you hate something till you have to get rid of it. I wish we had room to keep the table that is currently there. *sigh*
On a good note! The move should be completed this weekend and we can start getting Khari's room ready! I am ordering her bedroom stuff this weekend if we can make up our minds. We want a hutch, but the two we like don't have the greatest reviews (some good some bad) and I am BIG on reviews let me tell ya. But in the end I'm sure we'll go with one of them! Her room is PROBABLY going to be purple, green, and a blue shade.. Definitely will be butterflies. I've found the CUTEST butterfly decor and I can't wait to do her room, except I can't find bedding! I'll most likely go with pretty simple plain bedding as there will be BUTTERFLIES every where else haha. Devan wants to put a chair rail up like we did in Taiden's room at the old house, and I'm down.. More room for butterflies to flutter! haha Now all I have to do is pick paint colors.. *gulp*
Taiden's SECOND (tear) birthday party is Friday so I will be posting pictures sometime this weekend for sure!

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SeaJay said...

Dang we have to wait until Friday for Birthday pics......
Taidens bedroom is so dang cute can't wait for pics of Kharis. It sounds like it will be so adorable.
Aunt Connie