Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas and stuff..

Okay so it's been a LONG time since my last real post. Like almost a month! Christmas was freaking awesome with almost the whole Turner clan in town and my mom and brothers here for the first time in probably like 8 years  (no joke). I can't post any pictures right now cause I keep leaving my camera at Van and Wendy's lol. Taiden had a blast though, but thought he needed to take EVERY LITTLE PIECE of wrapping paper off of EVERY SINGLE gift. He admittedly got spoiled this year as I take Christmas as a time to buy a bunch of clothes another size up since it's so close to his birthday. Let's see I think his favorite thing is his easel (15 freaking bucks at Ikea vs. 15 billion anywhere else) and his legos(the kid is almost 2 and he's never had legos before... What the french toast?)!
He had a blast with his cousins even though his sharing skills are a little rusty (even though my two neices are at my house 5 days out of the week). And we can't wait to see the Cali Turners (that's what we call them at our house) again this summer hopefully!
As most know there will be 3 grandkids so far this year! Natalie is due the end of March and Lesley and I are both due the end of June. A day apart actually! We are going to hopefully find out what we're having tomorrow!!! So with that said..  What does everyone think we are going to have?

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Jill and Chris said...

I hope you have a girl! It is so much fun having one of each :D but it is also fun to have two boys to be buddies.