Friday, February 19, 2010

Taiden sayings...

Because I don't want the sidebar to be another mile long I'm putting some other things Taiden does in an actual post. What a post you say?!? Well kinda... haha

*When you tell him to do ANYTHING. (but they all say this.. don't they?)
  No you do it!

*Taiden: I love you mommy...
  Me: And mommy loves you...
  Taiden: No! I love mommy!!!

*Me or Dev: Who do you love?
  Taiden: I love mommy!
  Me or Dev: and Daddy...
  Taiden: No! Mommy!
  this goes on until we say and Mommy (or whoever we're talking about) love you, then he'll finally move on.

*Me: Time to eat breakfast Daddy...
  Taiden: No! Daddy no eat breakfast!!! Mommy eat breakfast!

*After everything he does. Be it lining things up or putting legos together..
  Taiden: I did it! or I maked it!
  He also says "You did it" or "You maked it! Yay Mommy!" when someone helps him do something...

*I like books. You like books too? or whatever the object, food, etc. is...

*Whenever he gives someone a kiss... "and hug too!!!???" This includes my belly haha.

*Daddy home!!!
  Mommy home!!!
  Auntie home!!!

*Trys to say Felecia, but it sounds more like sister so it confuses us all day long!

*Takes my phone because he wants to look at 'baby sisser'

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