Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why HELLO 6 weeks later!!!

So I haven't posted in a LONG time! I'm not sure if I even know how to blog anymore!
Let's see... I'm 30 weeks now and unfortunately haven't taken a picture this week. So maybe next week haha. I found out Friday that I didn't pass my Glucose Screening test by 2 points so I now have to go back and take the 3 hour test sometime this week. :-(   I was also told that I'm anemic, but uhm I'm always anemic so duh on their part. But I guess I have to start taking my iron pills again cause the prenatals aren't enough..  In other pregnancy news I'm measuring 33 centimeters at 30 weeks. Not good haha, but my Dr. says I just make big babies... Dang you and your 10 pounds Devan!  Hopefully she doesn't get too big though cause I don't want another C-section. So far my Dr. says I'm still okay to do a VBAC, but if I have Gestational Diabetes I'm not sure if she'll still be okay with that. :-(  Keeping my fingers crossed though!
In other news...
The weather here has been SO screwy! One day it snows and then the next we're in shorts.. What the heck UT! It has been pretty warm the past few days though and it's supposed to be 80 on Monday. Finally haha. I guess I'll put up some pictures of our last few weeks. 
Let's see.. It was about 65 a while back so we took our zoo passes (Thanks Van and Wendy!) and took Taiden to the zoo. I didn't check my camera before we left so I ended up only having space for a few pictures. But here they are.

A nice lady took a picture of us all.
For some reason he wanted fat mommy to sit on the little tiger.. haha
But daddy could sit on the big one...
My big face.
This one is so cute, but my editor is being dumb and so I can't rotate it right now.

I also had a Easter Party at my house because I am crazy and since I only do this once in October  (for Halloween) and once in April it gives me time to forget how hectic it is to have so many kids at my house haha. But in the end it was really fun. I didn't take any pictures because it was so hectic, but I know Felecia did so I'll have to jump to her side and add them.

Taiden closing the door and everyone downstairs.

My niece Jayda.
Big kid egg hunt.
Start of the little kid hunt.
My lil cousin Amani
Jeff and Eliza. As you can see the eggs weren't very hard to find for the younger bunch.
Jeff and Eliza counting their Bunny Money. Eliza cleaned up on that. haha
Sariye. My friend Coco's daughter.
Our eggs. Check out Dev's angry bunny!

And lastly here are some pictures of us playing outside with the bubble machine Taiden got for his birthday (thanks Baer's!) and the kite he got for Easter. I didn't take pictures of flying the kite,  but a video of me and Felecia trying to get it up in the front yard would be HILARIOUS. We ended up going over to the school and just sitting on the grass while the kite pretty much flew its self.

Even Chaos joined in on the fun.

He wasn't doing it here, but Taiden has taken to licking the dog. It is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and he's always coming to us with hair on his tongue. Gross!