Sunday, May 30, 2010

36 weeks and 4 days..

Hello people. here am posting nonsence once again. I really should be cleaning my house, but whatever. Can't clean the kitchen, which is the only thing that needs to be done, cause every time I turn around there is another tool or box on the counter so what's the point. We are STILL working on the bathroom. I can't blame Dev though because there are some days when I'm just like sit a watch TV with me it can wait... But being almost 37 weeks pregnant (full term! eek), I just REALLY want to be able to take a bath haha.. He did get the shower sealed today and is almost done with the sink tiles so hopefully it'll be done done this week. Aww who am I kidding.. it BETTER be done done this week! I am so sick of living in a construction zone... I sweep and mop and by the time I fold a load of laundry it looks like I haven't done a thing... there are either tracks of grout and dirt or white powder covering the whole house haha.
I must admit I am SO SO SO SO happy that Dev can do all this handy work and we don't have to shell out money to someone else! The tile place ran out of the tile we needed for the counter top (we just needed one more piece!) and Dev figured out how to bull-nose it himself so now we don't have to pay them 10 extra bucks, plus the tile price, (for ONE tile) to make one for us.. Thanks babe!
On the Taiden front.. he is getting smarter and smarter everyday.. In good and bad ways... When we ask him to do something it is always followed by... no YOU do it, or I don't want to. He now tells us he's not tired yet, or he doesn't want to go night night... tough luck Buddha...  He is still obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba and we now have about 20 episodes on the DVR... he also has to sleep with his Gabba's looking over him every night and during nap time. He left them downstairs the other night and woke up at 3 in the morning looking for them.. So I had to stumble downstairs (with my BIG pregnant belly) to go find them..  oh joy.
Let's see.. what else has been going on.. Well my mom wasn't living in UT when I was pregant with Taiden so she wanted to throw me a shower this time. I didn't really want or need one, but I had to let her have her turn so I had a shower on the 16th of this month. I JUST got a SD card for my camera yesterday so as always my sister has the pictures on her camera so I'll have to post them later..
Khari's room is done except for the frames still cause I'm a procrastinator but they are on my agenda for tomorrow. I also want to put a saying on her wall, but can't think of any cute butteryflyish ones so I'm waiting on that.. Suggestions are always welcome! But if she were to come tomorrow (even though she won't be in there for a few months), everything is ready.. clothes washed, swing and playard/bassinet set up, etc... Crazy that she can come at any moment...

On the pregnancy front I'm 36 weeks and 3/4 days pregnant and at my 35 week appt I was measuring 39...  Just great! Guess I'm meant to make big babies?  I'll admit this pregnancy has been taking it's toll the last few days. It hurts to turn over at night and heck it hurts to just walk. I don't remember feeling this way with Taiden AT ALL and I went to 41 weeks with him... Well I know that I won't get past 40 weeks no matter what as I have a scheduled date of June 22nd and I could even make it sooner if I wanted so there is an end in sight... Although I hope she's done cooking a few weeks sooner than that.

Maybe the next post won't be so boring and I'll include some pictures haha.

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Megan said...

I can't wait to see your "BIG belly" but I CAN wait to return to work to see it!