Friday, August 20, 2010

Khari is 2 months!!!

Khari turned 2 months old on Tuesday... Crazy how time flies..  She is smiling up a storm and talking a lot (as witnessed in yesterday's video). Today we had her check up and she is 11 pounds (54th %) and  about 24 inches long (96th %)... Tall and skinny like a certain older brother I know who currently weighs in at about 24.6 pounds.. STILL.  Before I know it she'll be rolling over (on purpose) and crawling about... TEAR. 

Taken exactly 3 days shy of 2 months...
Taken exactly 4 days shy of 2 months..
Throwing in this pic so you can see the difference in HAIR.
Here is a comparison picture of Taiden and Khari.. And now you know why I say Khari is BALD compared to Taiden.. Look at all that hair at just 2 months.. Taiden had more hair when he was born then she has now.. Sigh... Hopefully it will grow quickly haha. Until then I will continue to put one little clippie in it!

One little clippie..

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SeaJay said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous smile. Course I would be smiling too holding all that money......:)