Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Domestic Diva/Devo

So this past Saturday night we went and bought a sewing machine.. Well we got a MAGICAL one! It looks like it turned me in to a Domestic Diva and Dev into a Domestic Devo! (lol) I originally just planned to make a carseat cover, but I didn't have a pattern so I got too much fabric... I don't like wasting things so I've been trying to figure out what else I could use the fabric for...
Carseat Cover
Side View
I made it reversible
The opposite fabric color is on the straps
Then I decided to make some burp clothes...
And today I made a carseat strap cover.
I made this reversible as well.

I was only able to make one carseat strap thingy because it was Devan's turn on the machine lol.. He is making new pillow covers for the Trailer Van bought.. I made the first one, but then I got caught up in making things for Khari, so he decided to take over that project... I don't have pictures because he took all the finished ones up to the trailer... but when they are all done I will post some pictures!

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