Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Bucket List/Trick or Treating

We had a few different halloween activities this year. I didn't have a halloween party to the disappointment of quite a few people who called me asking when it was. I just wasn't up to it this year! We did go to the trunk or treat that Wendy helped to put together. (Great job Gramzee), and we had an event here Monday at the good ole AmFam office. It was a blast and Heather's idea of the spin wheel was a HIT with all the kids (You mean we get candy AND we get to spin the wheel for a treat!?) After we went home had some pizza then went out in our 'hood for a bit (up around to the hook then down the 2 blocks closest to us.). After we went to my friend Alysha's mom's casa for a little get together. The kids had alot of fun over there. Lil miss Khari thought she was a big girl and tried to jump off the back porch with the older kids. Not such a good idea there missy. She fell of course right as I was walking back out the door to check on here. sigh. No bumps or bruises though and considering she was balancing on the arm/back of the couch last night I don't think it knocked any fear into her! Anywho Halloween was a blast! I'm sad that Khari will probably want to pick her own costume next year so I won't get to plan that out for a year haha. This year we were supposed to be a circus family, but I spent all my free time on the kids costumes so I never got around to making my own. TK was an elephant (had to borrow a head as some of my fabric peices came up missing at the last moment!), Khari was a clown and Dev was the STRONG MAN. I was going to be the ringmaster... I made a promise to myself that next year I will be dressing up. I'm thinking a peacock, but we'll see..

OMG the HORROR of this wig..


Dana said...

Ha ha ha! LOVE Dev's costume. That is all kinds of awesome. You are so talented making the kids' costumes. They look GREAT! XO

SeaJay said...

I am still chuckling at the blonde Devo. Great costumes Summer. Were do you find the time??????