Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Taiden at 3.75 the post.

There is to much this kid is doing to put in the sidebar. So I'll sum all of that up and more!

Taiden Taiden Taiden.

     This kid has learned so much new stuff I don't even know where to start. Let's talk about how SMART this kid is. He just picks up on stuff so quickly. One day he was just like what comes after 20? (He's been able to count to 20 for a while now) I said 21 and he was like then 22? And we now count to at least 100 everyday. We will alternate numbers. ie Me-1 TK-2 Me-3 etc. If we don't want to do it with him for the thousandth time he will just count by himself. He could probably count to 200 (just because once you get to a hundred everything is on repeat), but I'm usually done at about 127. He loves colors and animals, everyday we are all a different color and a new animal. Today I was a purple goat. (Funny tidbit, yesterday he said Daddy can't be ducks with us because he farts and people who fart are not allowed to be ducks! He says the funniest things sometimes!)  He also taught himself how to write a few letters over the summer. One day we were outside playing with chalk and he just started writing random letters all over. I have never sat down with him and taught him how to write, he just did it one day. He can write, D, T, O, A, I, F, E X or K (they look the same half the time lol), Y, C, N, W, H, L, U, and V.
     He is such a loving little boy. He will just randomly stop what he's doing walk over to someone and say "I love you ____" in just the sweetest little voice then go back to playing. It is so cute when he does that to Khari (even tho half the time she yells NO and pushes him away). He is VERY sensitive. You know how they say how ever you were as a child yours will get you back and then some? Well there is no easy way to say this but BOTH of my kids are crybabies. If you slightly raise your voice at TK he is under the table bawling his eyes out. He likes to say mommy mommy mommy, daddy daddy daddy 500 times in a row so a little WHAT? And he's crying. It's so sad, but hey my mom would ask me why I didn't do the dishes and I was like waaawaaaa I'm the worst daughter ever... So I see where he gets it from! He just wants everyone to be happy with him. He asks me all the time. Are you happy at me? Even if I'm not I always say yes because I just love to see his smile when I say yeah and I wouldn't be able to stand the hurt in his eyes if I ever said no.
     He just loves chocolate milk! Granpa (Van) brings him a jug every week and keeps some at the hook. His go to drink there is orange, but now he asks for Granpa to see if he has some chocolate milk for him.
     He still loves to dance and will break out dancing anywhere if he hears music. He makes up songs about any and everything. Is your shirt blue? Well TK will make up a song about how you're wearing a blue shirt but yesterday you were wearing green and maybe tomorrow you'll wear purple! I love his spunk and spontaneity.
     Some where along the line he has given up all form of caring about where his toys go. The little area in the family room for toys is a hot mess and everything is jumbled together. I don't even look over there for fear of a heart attack. But he is still a clean freak when it comes to other things. Randomly he decided he needs to clean his room everyday (It doesn't really get messy cause he's not in there that much.). When I come home he always shows me that he made his bed and cleaned his room and doesn't it look nice and am I so proud of him?!? (I am) He also likes to wash his hands a billion times a day. {Side story.. Someone (I'm looking at my brothers here) decided that instead of walking to another bathroom in the house or better yet going in the closet and getting a new one, they would just put water in my soap. So TK decided he needed to do that too, with a full bottle. He ruined 2 NEW bottles of B&BW soaps last week and I was not happy. So now he gets to be supervised when washing his hands.}
    He loves spending time at Granma and Granpa's house. Everytime we go he asks if his 'friends' are going to be there (I told him they are his cousins and he said yeah I know, but they are my friends to okay?). He just loves hanging out with them. My mom watches the kids Thursdays and Fridays while I'm at work and I'm glad they get to have that time with just her to bond. Taiden just loves his Nana!
     Taiden is the best big brother. He knows Khari's routine and likes to help get her ready for bed. He always wants us to all read books together in Khari's room at night. He makes sure she is included in things when we play games and such. He gives her hugs when she cries and likes to get in her crib in the mornings (He taught her how to jump on the bed!). He loves her so much and I can't wait to watch them grow up together.
I love my quirky kid. He is the best best best as he would say!

Now hopefully I'll blog more and I won't have to cram 7 months of changes and stuff into a short little post!
Khari's coming soon!

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