Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Taiden's 4th Birthday Party

Taiden's party was a little over 2 weeks ago.. AMAZING that I'm posting pictures already right?!? Anyways I'll break it down I guess.. According to Devan I go overboard with parties... I think I toned it down this year for sure. Last year the theme was candyland and we had a LOT of candy.. .I didn't get many pictures though... :-( Andrew had just gotten a new camera though so I might have to hit him up for some of the ones he took if he still has them. Back to this year though. This year's theme was Spiderman. I have NO clue why Taiden wanted Spiderman so badly as he's never even seen a Spiderman movie or show, but for the past 8 months he was insistent on a Spiderman birthday party. For his party I made and lamenated food labels. We had Peter Parker's Pizza, BBQ Symbiotes, and Super Hot Symbiotes (BBQ and Hot Wings. You'd have to be a super dork like me to know what symbiotes are), Spidey Bites (New Parmesaen bites from Dominos), Aunt May's Fruit Tray, Mary Jane's Triple Threat (Pasta salad, with chicken pasta and lettuce. Except I forgot to put the lettuce in! Again super dork.. Mary Jane was an aspiring broadway actress), Madame Webb's Mystery Salad (Salad from Wendy! Throwback to Spiderman cartoon I used to watch), Doc Oc Tentacles (Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks), Green Goblin Juice, and Spiderman's Power Punch. They looked like this.
We had a few games and I actually had a schedule for the flow of the party this year. It was super nice and worked out perfectly. We ate first, then we played Pin the Spidey on the Web. (Pictures on my other camera I guess.. I'll have to upload those). Then we did Musical Chairs. Kids first then we played with the adults. I think Aiden won that one (he was to big to play with all the 3-4 year olds lol. Sadly no pictures or video from this. Then Spiderman VS Venom Ball toss. I just let the kids 'battle' each other 2 at a time to see who could get all their balls in first. After their turn I gave them their goodie bags for the Pinata which was next.

My nephew Jashawn

Ms Khari



The birthday boy

He was so SERIOUS


Then we had cake and Ice Cream and called it a day.

This cake was huge. Thanks Devan!!
 I think over all the party was a success. I'm still learning. I can't wait for the next one... June 16th everyone! I'm already planning in my head and I'll probably start my spreadsheet next week! Yes I'm THAT crazy anal much of a planner.

These pictures are from Maisy's party the week before.


Dana said...

Very impressive! I'm thinking Reed may dictate what kind of party he wants this year. Sigh. I'm no party planner like you! But hopefully I'll learn. ;-) Great seeing you all!! XO

SeaJay said...

Omg how fun. I love the pictures. The kids look so cute all sitting on the chairs waiting for there turn. Lots of smiles in that room. Taiden looks pretty impressed with his cake.