Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Grandma Great

Grandma Great passed away on Sunday. We knew it was coming but it is still very painful. I was there with the family when she left, and I kind of feel like I was intruding. I wanted to be there and I know Devan wanted me to be there with him, but I don't know about the rest of the family. They didn't make me feel that way at all, but the Turners are way to nice to say anything I think. I wanted to cry, but held it back. This was their GRANDMOTHER, who am I to come in knowing her for 3 short years and cry like the rest of them? Do I have that right? I really don't know.
I'm so glad her family was there with her when she passed. My grandmother was alone, because she kicked my aunt out of the room. But also because my Aunt told NOONE how bad she was really doing. I would have made sure I was there with her everyday like the family was there for Grandma Great.
I mourn the fact that my Grandmother didn't get to meet Taiden, but I think I mourn even more that Grandma Great got to meet Taiden only to be taken away (even though she is with Blair and in a better place). She loved him so much and she was the only one who could make him smile and talk like he did. I only wish he could've grown up knowing her if only for a little while longer. I'm really glad I got that last picture of them smiling at each other. They are beautiful.

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