Friday, May 16, 2008

Death Sucks

Grandma Great's funeral was yesterday, and it went good as far as a funeral can go. She looked really good. And the flowers were beautiful. Heather talked about memories with her and though I only knew of a few of them, it was touching, to see the Turners/Hardens/Ferraris/Baers/Bells (to many slashes? Naw!) nodding their heads and reminiscing was beautiful. They are a wonderfully close family.
I got to see and touch Dana's belly!!! She is so cute.. I love it. I can't wait till baby Beanie(?) arrives... They are going to be great parents.
So Thin Thursday.. HA! I haven't been to the gym, I haven't been eating right... 5 oatmeal cookies a day, wonderful! Maybe I'll go on an oatmeal raisin cookie diet?

Pre- pregnancy weight- 130

41 weeks pregant- 197 (Ahh!!!)

Now- 145

Weight loss so far- 52 pounds

Pounds left- 20

Goal (not in weeks but overall)- 125

Also my cousin's grandmother passed away yesterday morning. She had cancer. This sucks, death sucks. I have no problem with death, but so young (she was only like 50 something) and so painfully... sucks!

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