Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crying It Out

Taiden started sleeping through the night early on. And by that I don't mean sleeping from 11-5:30. I mean 9:30/10:00-6:00 AM. And it was awesome! Then he cut his two bottom teeth.. Not so awesome. Then he started doing okay again... then he stopped. AGAIN. "Recently" (and I use that loosely, as in the last 2 months) he began waking up at least 3 times a night... for the most part if I gave him the binki he went straight back down.. but there were those times when he would want me to hold him, and cuddle and walk and he'd be wide awake. Laughing. Trying to play. But as soon as I put him down... BOOM. He was crying again. Because he didn't want to just be awake he wanted to PLAY. So I would stand there and rock him for 15+ minutes 3+ times a night. Why was I standing you ask? Because we are slackers and STILL haven't gotten a chair for his room. Needless to say I was exhasted. Also 'recently' (once again with the 2 months) he's been standing up, so while before putting him down was relatively easy now he wants to stand up. I'll put him down kiss kiss, pat pat walk away.. And he gets up and starts LAUGHING. Then. The laughing turns to crying, and SCREAMING. I was getting pretty sick of bed time lasting an hour AND the waking up at night... I 'tried' to let him Cry It Out. But I couldn't do it.
Until this weekend. I decided nope.. I'm can't do this anymore. The first night was hard. I went in every 5 minutes for about half an hour. The second night equally as bad. The 3rd night I went in once. Last night... NOT AT ALL. He got up halfway (before I was out the door) and cried a bit... Then.. silence. I checked. DEAD ASLEEP (so much so I checked his breathing, but I do that alot so...) He also has slept through the night again these past few nights. Granted he was waking at about 8-8:30 and now it's 6 again... This is once again AWESOME. 9-6= 9 straight hours of Taiden sleeping. YES!
Now it's only been 2 days... but so far CIO worked wonders...

Let's hope it stays this way.


Dana Turner said...

I'm the same as you - don't think I could do cry it out (we shall see...)but you get to a point where nothing else works and then boom - he's sleeping like a baby again. Hope it continues - it's no fun getting up multiple times in the night! ;-)

Leta said...

Good Job! You won. Babies are very smart and will do what works. When Taiden learned that night time crying pays off with "Mommy Play time", he was going to use it to his full advantage. You just taught him differently. You'll be happy you were strong and didn't fall into the trap of taking him to bed with you either. Your a great mom.