Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taiden Tuesday Week 15; 34 Weeks

These are really grainy, but I forgot my camera so I had to use my phone.

First (well second but whatever) time on a swing! WEE

Kiss Mommy? (If you have a kid.. this are their kisses. Gotta love em)

Weeeee eeeee eeee!

I love this one!

See my two teefus?

We have to do what? Leave now? Uhm no… I refuse.


Austin said...

Awe. He is just so CUTE!!! =D

Austin said...

Awe. He is so CUTE!!! =D

Dana Turner said...

He is so cute - I am in love with his two bottom teeth when he smiles. I can't believe those are from your camera phone - I don't think they look grainy at all!