Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taiden Tuesday Week 14; 33 Weeks

Devan thought he could put Taiden's PJ's on... Not the case.

Silly Daddy! You think this is going to be easy.
But I won't go down with out a fight! (Notice my sister trying to put his feet in PJ's)
I'm escaping! Muhahahahaha!
Darn, I've been caught! That didn't work out to well...
The restraint used to put on the PJ's. (We only did this for the photo op.. we don't torture him. Haha he wasn't even squirming anymore by now.)
Sleeping peacefully. In the end... Mommy got the job done. Nice try though Daddy.

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Mits said...

Your baby is as cute as you say. I hope you do great care of him.