Sunday, November 2, 2008

9 Months


SeaJay said...

That little Taiden just keeps getting cuter and cuter. His parents aren't bad looking either.
Glad to hear Taiden Tuesdays will be back. I have missed them.
How is the puppy doing?
Auntie Connie

Dana Turner said...

Look at you with your cute pics and matching outfits! Maybe you can tell me the tricks to getting pics done so regularly! Taiden is so cute - I'm going to gobble him up when I see him in a couple weeks - we can't wait!!!

Jill and Chris said...

Yes I got the present! Thank you so much it was darling. Chris really liked it too!

allan and alysha said...

What a cute family!

The Hammonds said...

You guys make such a CUTE family!! Your little guy is so adorable!! On my cricut cartridges dont let the amount fool you. If I paid reg price for them there is no way I would have that many. I got very lucky and got them for 20 bucks each! If you do happen to get one for Christmas let me know and you can borrow my cartridges til you get a collection of your own. I LOVE that machine!! So do you scrapbook?