Monday, November 17, 2008

Taiden Tuesday Week 17; 42 Weeks

I am a liar. haha so, anyways here is an EARLY Taiden Tuesday post (first time ever!)

Can I have more snacks please?No? Give it no me NOW.

Not sure if I ever posted these pics of him with pigtails!
I was giving him a bath and while washing his hair I realized it was long enough for pigtails!
Oh you found me.. Guess I'm it...
All this drool and he still only has his two bottom teeth!

So these pictures are not new at all... but next time (notice I didn't say next week cause we all know I'm a slacker) I promise they will be new(er) haha

1 comment:

JODY LYNN said...

I swear that boy gust keeps getting cuter, if that is even possible.