Thursday, September 24, 2009

Middle of the night mini rant...

I just saw a site that sells hair bow holders for 70 dollars!! 70 bucks! The worst part is I JUST got home from Walmart and I saw the wooden board thing they used... It costs no more than 5 bucks.. IF THAT.
I just made some for my nieces that really only cost me a dollar since I had everything but the wood already, but including all of the material it would add up to about MAYBE 7 bucks... MAYBE. 
Some people and their nerve!!

Yeah I took off that link because the owner of the site thinks I'm giving her free publicity which yeah I don't want to have my friends waste their money on that when I can make them one that I would not charge 70 dollars for!
Thanks for your ridiculous waste of my time to read comment that I didn't even post! Oh and I doubt that actually brought you some sales, because my friends don't WASTE 70 bucks on stuff like that.. haha


Jill and Chris said...

That is super ridiculous. Who would pay that kind of money for wood and a few ribbons?

*Brent,Erica,Paige* said...

hahahah you make me laugh!