Sunday, September 27, 2009

So I got a reply..

So I got a reply to my post that I wrote about those CRAZY priced hairbow holders... WOW is all I can say... So I went back to her site to look at them again.. AND I found that she also sells ONE alligator clip with 4-5 inches of ribbon glued on to them for dun dun dun... 2 bucks! I bought a box of 100 clips for like 5 dollars at Sally's and depending on the price of the ribbon used.. wow 2 dollars...  A dollar each I don't think is such a big deal.. because yeah you have to make a profit and it takes about a minute to make one.. but still... I'm glad I can make things like this myself because I would never buy them for someone else...
She does a beautiful job so I'm not trying to knock her work at all... I'm just stating MY opinion on stuff like this..
She also has clips that it looks like she hand makes and sews out of felt and would be worth the price she asks for them (from someone else). Like I said she does a great job.. I just wish she wouldn't have left me that rude comment so I could tell people about her and get her some more business as she claims I did..
I will however let you know that although I don't have a girl I LOVE to make hair bows and so does my friend Jill.. Check out her blog.. Jillz Bowz

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Jill Clayton said...

Thanks for the compliment Summer. I don't see any comment that she made so she must have deleted it. haha.