Monday, June 9, 2008


Thin Thursday, Schmin Schmursday... I eat like a pig. Went to Diamond Lils with the fam Saturday, Steak.. Chilli's yesterday... Ribs.. ugh...
So I've been weighing in at about 143... last week was 143.1 (so close to 142 haha). But today I was 145 again! Granted I did weigh myself after 2 bowls of fruit loops and stuffing 2 hotdogs down my throat... But still! Come on! I really need to get back in gear and get to the gym. One thing that kind of made me feel good is that at Rage yesterday I realized besides (and sometime despite) my stretchmarks I would look better in a bikini than half the girls there. ;) I still have weight that I want to lose, but my stomach is still pretty much gone.

Speaking of Rage, Taiden had fun. We took him in the lazy river (I sat on a tube, with him in my lap.) He just looked around and liked watching Devan pop up from under water. He ended up falling asleep so we got out. Later I took him in the wave pool. We just went up to about 1 foot, and I let him put his feet on the ground, he just watched the water and grinned. He was stomping (as much as a 4 month old can stomp) his feet and laughing. We just can't wait till more towards the end of the Summer when he'll be about 6-7 months, because he'll have so much more fun!

We didn't take any pictures because I didn't think I had the camera, come to find out it was in the diaper bag all along.

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