Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby numero 2-o

This is from my personal blog-

Heck (edited) no I am not pregnant. But many of the mommy bloggers I stalk (on a daily basis) are. Frema is even on baby number 2 with a 5 month old daughter! I couldn't imagine. But she recently posted (On her other blog here) about name choices. She doesn't want to recycle names, which makes since to me with a normal name. But my girl choice for names is unique (to me) and I never actually considered it for Taiden because well, he's a boy. But we did have another boy name (at least Devan did) that I promised him we would use on our next son should we have one. (I was kind of hoping he would forget it, but now I really like it.) Either way our first girl and our next son are already named. Despite their lack of exsitence. Hopefully we won't have to use either name for AT LEAST another 2 years, which is when you will find out the name (when we find out the sex). Go away you name stealers you!

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Dana Turner said...

eIt's so fun you have a blog! I love hearing about our little Taiden. He's a love munch. I know, I don't know how these people do it - my sister was one of them; (accidentally) pregnant with #2 when #1 was 5 months. Yikes!!