Monday, June 9, 2008

Fourth Month

This is weeks old, but now I'm finally putting it up


You are now four months old! I really can’t believe it. You have grown so much, in size, personality and abilities.

You’re 25.5 inches long, 14 pounds and 4 ounces. Everyone comments on how long you are.

You’re such a happy baby, and I just love your smile. You smile at me and daddy when you see us, and you just love you grandpa. Grandma Great passed away this past month. She loved you so much! You were her “Little Sunshine”, as she called you. I got a great picture of you smiling at each other. She was always so happy to see you, even under the circumstances at the time. You’re very Calm and can entertain yourself for quite a while with out even a toy. You’ve found your tongue and just love sticking it our at everyone. You are very curious and can be serious at times. You love looking at things, sometimes you get this look on you face like ‘what is that and how can I get it.’ You stare at faces very intently like you’re trying to remember every little detail. At times you can be impatient. You cry at stoplights and calm down as soon as we start moving again. I started you on solids (but stopped per Dr. Eyre‘s recommendation), and you would fuss during the time it took me to get the food on the spoon and get it back to your mouth. When you do get angry or frustrated you pull the burp cloth (which you love to chew on and it is one of your favorite “toys”) over your face, or you pull your hair. (You pull your hair when you eat, sleep, get happy and when you get angry.)

This month you found your feet (De. Eyre says typically babies don’t do this until about 6 months, and you’re very advanced, Go Taiden!), and you love to play with them. You’ve been accidentally rolling over from day one (!), but these past 2 months you’ve learned how to do it when you want. You still get stuck sometimes, but you just play with your feet for a little while before trying again. At daycare you pull yourself into a sitting position while in the swing, they’re kind of scared you might tip it over. You can sit up alone for a little while before you reach for something and end up on your belly. One of you favorite things to do is stand up. You have such strong legs! Cousin Dinitri lent us a jumper and you really like it. You smile as soon as I put you in it.

I love you so much Taiden. You are everything I ever could’ve dreamed of.

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