Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taiden's Birthday

So a lot has happened in the past two weeks! And each deserves it's own post (although we all know with me that post will be late or may never come at all). I will try to post them all separately.

First. Taiden had a birthday party! It was music themed (but I forgot to make a play list on my IPOD so the music was kinda lame haha) and although he won't remember it I think he had fun playing with his cousins and friends, and I hope they had fun too.

Everything is kind of backwards cause I'm just to lazy to switch it and I uploaded them in the wrong order!

The AWESOME IPOD cake and cupcakes Aunt Lesley made for Taiden!


Being attacked by the girlsThe aftermath.

Pinata time!
He only wanted the toys

Taiden and Auntie Olivia
Taiden, Mommy and Daddy
Cousin Andrew (and Aiden in the back)
My friend Felicia and her son Amari (she's pregnant with little Rachelle!)
Aunt Nat, Uncle Jeff, and Cousin Eliza
My friend Lacey and her baby Alyssa
Aunt Pepper/Cameo and Cousin Kashius
Cousin Walker
Taiden with his Maracas

With Cousin Secret

Stay tuned for...
The announcement of a new family member, and how mom feels about Taiden being one! I've actually had that draft save for 2 weeks, but I need to edit it.

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