Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thirteenth Month


I’m sorry I haven’t written you a monthly letter for a LONG time. But I’m going to try to get back in the habit! You have grown and changed so much!
You started walking at the end of 9 months, and got pretty good really quick. It’s so hard to sum up the last 5 months so here’s a list of some things about you…

  • You love to bring me books and climb on the couch with me to read (although you never let me read to you)
  • You clap after everything you think you did right and when you hear YAY! or thanks
  • You HAVE to have two of everything.. One in each hand
  • I think it’s so cute that you just sit on the bottom of the stairs with a book or toys and kick your legs.
  • You go down for naps pretty easy, you just have to talk your self to sleep
  • You love to give kisses to everyone you see if someone asks for one
  • You like to wave bye
  • You cry when Daddy takes out the trash or walks the dog.. You stand and look out the door or window
  • You LOVE to throw things
  • You spit at me when I tell you no or not to do something :(
  • You only bite me
  • You give Chaos ‘loves'
  • You can say
* Mom

* Dad

* No

* Yeah

* Dog

* Down

* Stop

* Hey

* More

* Mine

* Night Night (nigh nigh)

* Stinky (tink)

* And you try to mouth a lot of things we say

It’s impossible to document EVERY little thing about you.
But I love you so much and although I’m sad nothing will ever be the same, I’m excited to see how you change in this next month..

I love you Buddha Butt


Felecia said...

aw thats cute i love it

*Brent,Erica,Paige* said...

well hello, your baby is 2 dang cute! I got alot of stretch marks pregnant on my stomach and upper thighs so until i find a suit that doesn't look "granny" but covers me up then i'll go for it!

We should never introduce our kids, imagine if they had a baby what the hair would look like :)

Jessica Kettle said...

hi summer! Thanks for checking out my photography. =) If you go to my business blog and head back to my september archives, there is lots of good info on how I take pictures! hope it helps. =)