Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Bucket List; Make Caramel Apples

We checked one more thing off of our Fall Bucket List!!!
Mine and Dev's friends Alysha (My GNO PIC) and Allan came over with their kids last night to make caramel apples. I've never made them before so I was way excited. I googled a caramel sauce recipe and got to work! But with all the distractions of keeping the kids out of the kitchen and trying to take pictures of the process and botched it and put in the cream before the butter. :-( This caused the sugar to like bunch up and clot together. BUT it still tasted great so I figured I'd just try again. Luckily I had JUST enough cream left to give it another go! Got it all nice and started dipping apples, then I got a little on my finger and tasted it. YUCK! It was sooo bitter! ULTIMATE FAIL(I went back to where I found the recipe and others said the same thing. Something about the heat changing the molecules and yadda yadda.) So Dev and Alysha went to the store and bought some caramel lol. The kids were happy because the got to decorate apples TWICE! I tasted the caramel AFTER they were already done so I just rinsed them off and we waited for them to come back with some GOOD caramel lol. In the end it was all good, Alysha said next time we can meet up at her house then Me and Allan get to go to the store to fix whatever she screws up haha.

Ingredients ready to go. (the first time)Sugar!
Ruined Caramel :-(
Waiting (the first time)
Paul, Alysha and Dev. (With store bought caramel haha)
Khari grubbing on her apple.
I have no clue WHAT Devan was doing!

Taiden's appleElla's Apple

Paul's Apple
Don't they look uhm.. (gross?) I mean YUMMY. (gak)

My table afterward...

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