Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Bucket List; Make Fall Cookies!!!

Okay now we are caught up on pictures! I decided to do a 'bucket list for Fall'. To help my blog more I will attempt to blog about everything on my list! Here it is.

We checked make fall cookies off our list last week! Although I'm sure we'll make some more in fall shapes! We made Pumpkin Spice Cookies. They were YUMMY.

Decorating the screen door.

I attempted to make orange frosting with pink and green food coloring lol. I couldn't find my other pack!

Spooky cookies!!!We uhm had a little incident... all of those sprinkles were on that one little cookie!
She only wanted to eat the frosting..

The table needed a little sprucing up..

Next up.. We'll be making Caramel Apples this Saturday! And hopefully going to Wheeler Farm on Sunday if the weather man is right! That might cross off one of our nature walks and a hayride if they have Hayrides there..


Dana said...

Holy blogging! Nice work, Summer. Loved seeing all the pics. You and Dev sure have some beautiful kiddos. You cracked me up with your RIP hat! a) super impressed you can make that b) loved that you said "RIP" and c) SLC really has a place called Wally World!? That's awesome. I thought that just existed in Vacation.... ;-)

Rob, Jocelyn, and Rylee said...

Have I ever told you what a wonderful Mother and homemaker you are. You put most women to shame. I am so impressed with how much family stuff you do. I admire you. I also miss seeing you :)

Summer said...

I miss you to Jo! I actually only came to my blog so I could link over to yours and see what you posted haha. And Dana, it's Walmart! hahahaha. And yeah I am UBER sad. I am working on an orange one for TK then I will make Khari another one. I had actually just made and attachted a crochet flower too. (so she wouldn't look like a boy) Ah well. I'll check lost and found in a few days I guess. But if I found that on the ground I would probably keep it!