Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Khari at 1/Sidebar Repost

Khari at 1 year

Can climb on and off the couch


Gives kisses when you ask... Or slaps when I do. :-(

Growls at people.

Has been walking for 2.5 months

Is a wiggle worm

Is now 29.5 inches long and 17.5 TINY pounds

Looks at the TV like she really knows what's going on.

LOVES food. If you have it she wants it and she wants it NOW.

Loves to 'scare' you by saying BOO!

Says- Hi, Bye, Up, Down, Done, Mom, Dada, 'Chaos', yeah, NAW(no), and thank you (tan tchoo).

Sleeps like a diva... Hand behind her head...

Sleeps like a wild woman.. She is everywhere in her crib!

Still had only 2 teeth on the bottom (with 1 top one peeking out)

Talks ALL the time.. I think I'm going to have another loud kid!

Throws back arching tantrums.


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